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Lattimer from ‘The Program’ — My Neighbor Stabbed Me … With a Tweezer Shank!

“The Program” star Andrew Bryniarski claims his neighbor stabbed him with a shank made out of tweezers …

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Lattimer from ‘The Program’ — My Neighbor Stabbed Me … With a Tweezer Shank!

Dean McDermott — I’m Finally Caging Up My Lizard

Dean McDermott’s lizard is in luck for once … ’cause the reality star just bought his reptile a new home. Continue reading

Kate Upton — I Hate My Big Beautiful Breasts

Kate Upton says she hates two HUGE stars in the fashion world … Continue reading

Jay Z and Beyonce — Surprise Bitches … We’re at Coachella!

The first couple of hip hop made their mark on Coachella Saturday … surprising two different audiences with unannounced appearances — and the hipsters went BONKERS!First up, Beyonce … Continue reading

LeSean McCoy — My Toddler Has More Talent … Than Tim Tebow!

Either LeSean McCoy’s son is the most BALLER 2-year-old on the planet … or the Philadelphia Eagles superstar just took a shot at Tim Tebow .. Continue reading

Colin Kaepernick — Retail Therapy In L.A. … While Investigation Looms

With the investigation in Miami still in full swing, Colin Kaepernick flew to L.A. this weekend where he was spotted shopping for sunglasses … Continue reading

Debbie Rowe — Michael Jackson’s Brothers are Greedy Slackers

Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson’s money … saying it’s a class case of the pot calling the kettle black.Sources connected to Rowe say Debbie expected Jermaine, Randy,… Continue reading

B. Scott — Suing BET Has Me Feeling Like Oprah Winfrey!

B. Continue reading

Lisa Vanderpump — Here’s $40K … To Make Sexual Assault Case Go Away

Lisa Vanderpump is trying to make a sexual assault lawsuit go away with money … problem is, the two sides are a little off — by around $5 MILLION.We broke the story … waitress Karina Bustillos filed suit .. Continue reading

Terrell Owens — No Money, Mo Problems … $244K Tax Lien

Another day, another HUGE financial problem for Terrell Owens … this time, the former NFL superstar has been hit with a MASSIVE tax bill for allegedly failing to pony up nearly $250k in 2012. Continue reading